Keeping SeaWorld Above Water

SeaWorld has been part of our lives for a long time. Can the theme park survive?

This story is about a place that's been part of Florida's horizon for a long long time. Their treatment of the animals, environmentalist and animal rights activists, and bad press has done a lot of damage to Seaworld. This article from the Orlando Weekly questions the chances they can stay alive and how they might go about do so.


If you follow the theme park industry, you know that these are challenging times for the home of Shamu. Attendance and revenue dropped last fiscal year, leading to a $200 million loss and the recent departure of CEO Joel Manby, who had been brought in to turn the company around in the wake of the Blackfish backlash. Although animal rights activism is certainly impacting SeaWorld's bottom line, it's far from the park's only problem. While I don't have any definitive advice for interim CEO John Reilly (other than "keep your résumé polished"), as a seasoned attractions observer I can point to places where SeaWorld appears to be swimming in the correct direction, and others where it's swiftly sinking.

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