Lobsters Flee Trump Policies

Many fishermen here say they’re not worried about climate change.

When we read this story on The Hill, we just knew we would find the POTUS' name somewhere. Fortunately we didn't. But the article - about an amazing and abundant Maine lobster season (YUMMMM!!!) - focuses not on the State's outstanding results this year, but rather on climate change, and what it means to the industry (and the poor lobsters).

Lobster Moving North

It seems that the Lobster are moving north. One has to ask themselves if this kind of yield was happening somewhere south, and that their production has dimished while Maine's has gone through the roof. The author seems confident that warming ocean temps are pushing the crustaceons north and they're eventually gonna get to Canada, where they will be soaked in Maple Syrup before being sold back to foolish Americans.

The most interesting thing you'll find in the article is what the lobster fisherfolk thing - about climate change and their beloved lobstas.

All dark humor aside, here's the article from The Hill about the fleeing lobster.

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