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Proof of deep water sharks off British Coast?

This deep water shark was tagged years ago, and the tag - and all the data it contains - has washed ashore. Cool story.

The leafscale gulper shark (Centrophorus squamosus) is a creature that is watched carefully by scientists. In the past they have tagged the deep sea shark to track its movement around the world, in an effort to protect them. For some reason they seem endangered by fisherfolks (and of course deep ocean climate changes whatever they might be) so protecting them is important. Personally we never heard of them, but they're sure cool to look at.

Leafscale Gulper Shark

The leafscale gulper shark (Centrophorus squamosus)

From PirateFM in Cornwall:

Is this proof that elusive deep-water sharks are swimming off Cornwall?

A rare satellite tag from a Spanish deep-water shark has been discovered washed up off Cape Cornwall.

It promoted marine experts from Cornwall Wildlife Trust to uncover the mystery of where it came from and return it to the scientists who sent it out to sea.

At the beginning of June, a member of the public stumbled upon an unusual find lying amongst the seaweed on Cape Cornwall.

The whole extensive story is here.

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