Recreational Abalone Season Closed in California

Abalone and Scallops are both shellfish and both harvested by recreational hunters. The CA season is closed down.

There is a scallop season here and although the incredibly tasty shellfish poplation has gone up and down, it's generally healthy now and you have never snorkeled for them you really should find a good guide to take you out to try it. As far as the abalone or scallop or any season, we are concerned that computer models often override field reality. In the case of these beautiful shellfish, we have no position one way or another. We do know that there were years that scallop all but vanished in some regions while they seemed fine in others.

This page (and statement) is from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's Wordpress newsletter (CDFG News) and has been the source of a dozen articles about the subject. We found that of all of them this was the best.

Abalone Season

The California Fish and Game Commission yesterday voted to close the 2018 northern California recreational abalone fishery due to ongoing environmental conditions that have significantly impacted the abalone resource. The closure affects next year’s recreational abalone season, which was scheduled to open on April 1, 2018.

The whole story about the abalone is here, but the regular newsletter often has great current news.



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