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Richer Countries Trail in Conservation Efforts

America ranks 19th in the world for protecting wildlife. Leading the way? African nations.

We got this from a high-end news source called Cherwell, which we had never been to. We're sure that we'll be using stories from their excellent journalists in the future. This article is about a ranking of wilderness protection. That includes land animals as well as sea creatures - but the overall approach to measuring efforts is nice if not truly meaningful. We live in a world on the water. We find garbage all the time and we personally pick it up to bring it back and dispose it. No international body is gonna do that. Anglers on the water every day - through personal efforts - can do a lot to have us rate as #1 in the world for protecting our environments.

Rich Countries Conservation

From the story:

A new Oxford University research project has found that poorer nations are more active with regards to wildlife conservation than their better economically-developed counterparts.


Researchers from Oxford’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) partnered with Panthera, the world’s only organisation dedicated to protecting wild cats, to assess the level of commitment of individual countries to protecting wildlife.

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