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Sixty-one pound carp shows size of invasive species

A 61lb monster of a carp caught in Minnesota shows how big these invasive fish can become given the right environment.

We have written about catching carp in Florida and around the country, and have indicated they are a cool species to target. But make no mistake about the fact that Asian carp have become a nuisance and are being targeted as invasive species in some states. Not so much here in Florida but certaily in Minnesota. This story about a beast of a carp that weight in at more then 60lbs is the largest ever caught in Minnesota.

Sixty one pound asian carp in Minnesota

The story is from Twin Cities Pioneer Press:

REDWOOD FALLS, Minn. — A bow angler fishing in a private gravel pit near Redwood Falls on Sunday caught the largest invasive carp recorded in Minnesota.The bighead carp measured 47½ inches in length and weighed 61.7 pounds.


Invasive fish coordinator Nick Frohnauer said the angler immediately reported the capture to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and was helpful getting the specimen delivered to the area fisheries office.

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