Special Rights for Indigenous Canadians

Indigenous peoples in Canada get a little bit of extra access to the waters they've been fishing for thousands of years now.

For the most part, as western European civilizations spread throughout the contitent, indigenous peoples got either murdered outright or generally screwed over. Far from being a progressive seeking to repay every bad thing ever done by the idiots of the past, we are nonetheless happy to see stories like this.

It's from Ottawa and spells out a change to the law that gives indigenous peoples a little more access to the waters they've been fishing and the forests they've been hunting for some 10,000 or twenty thousand years before any of us got here.

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

OTTAWA — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday that he intends to recognize “indigenous rights” above and beyond those already guaranteed to every citizen by the Canadian Charter of Rights.

From the Daily Caller.



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