Stocking Grayling in Interior Alaska Lakes

A fish we read about and had dreams about as children are being restocked in Alaska lakes. Maybe the dream will come true :)

When we were kids - not recently - we saw a fish once on television (black and white, believe it or not) with a dorsal fin that was as big as the fish. Bigger in fact. It was a trout of some sort that was so beautiful and colorful that you could never in a million years want to eat one, but catching and gently releasing one would be another story all together. We would just love to catch one.

This is a story about stocking practices of this incredible species in interior Alaska lakes. If you've ever heard of Grayling or would love to learn about a cool and almost magical species check out this story from The Daily News Miner - the Voice of Interior Alaska.


Grayling occur naturally in Interior Alaska rivers. They’ve been stocked off and on in Interior lakes since 1952. At the size at which they’re released from hatcheries, grayling are slightly smaller than hatchery-raised salmon, rainbow trout and Arctic char. The distinctive fish with their long dorsal fins are popular with fishermen.

The whole story is here on the paper. It's a really cool site if you love Alaska as much as we do. We've been fishing there only a couple of times, and after watching reality shows we're not at all sure we could live there, but the fishing is beyond belief.

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