Tightening Regulations on Biscayne Bay

As Florida's population grows, fishing access diminishes. It's a difficult tradeoff with both sides wrong and right.

If you have ever fished Biscayne Bay (with a good guide, like I have) and caught bonefish on that paper-plate-flat water, clear as gin and loaded with fish, it's hard to believe that every year it gets harder and harder to fish the flats. Granted; there are a not more people trying to catch fish than there were 20 years ago, right?

Bonefish Biscayne

This story from the Keys News talks about the regulations. We do not argue with protecting our fish. What we're concerned with is the idea that eliminating sport fishing all together could be the aim of many people behind (and in front of) many of these regulations. The argument that owning a gun is totally cool as long as you keep it at your local gun club under lock and key (the club's. not yours)might very well come to a fishing club near you.

Here is the story from the Keys News.

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