What are Fish Worth?

The value of caring for our fish is discussed in depth in this article about walleye in Idaho - but the idea is the same here

This article is from an Idaho online magazine called The Bonner County Daily Bee. It's both online and in print. The article is about the value of our fish - in this case Walleye. Of the many millions (billions, actually) of dollars spent on fishing, Largemouth and Smallmouth bass - and walleye - lead the pack in what's chased and caught by the nation's freshwater anglers.

Walleye Idaho

This image is from WalleyeFishingIdaho.com.

Economically, the impact walleye have is undeniable. There are no freshwater species that generate more revenue than bass and walleye. Sportsmen travel thousands of miles to chase walleye, yet Idaho Fish and Game have not established a conservation plan for them.

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