Will a Forty Day Season Kill Off Our Red Snapper?

The whales must be OK, because now the environmentalists are working hard to save red snapper. And stop us from fishing.

The current state of politics already defines me as having unmoveable characteristics. Almost genetic in their nature, these have to do with my skin color (an old white guy), the fact that I am not dead broke (part of the 20% of the population that pays most of the taxes), and my undying belief that I live in a country so beautiful, so rare, and so free it could only have been granted by something Divine. Not scientific, mind you. Divine. Those facts lump me into a group.

Other things I do put me in unenviable positions in the eyes of many very intelligent people. The academia, for example. I fish. While I bet that there are plenty of flyfishing addicts teaching college courses who I would LOVE to fish with, there are far more that think that sinking a steel hook into the mouth of a poor unsuspecting fishy living in the paradise they call home and being torn and tortured and left to die without the equivalent of air to breath in an ice chest is beyond horrid. It should be outlawed. If not outlawed, then controlled. Tightly controlled. In fact, you should have to go out with a licensed (government licensed) guide to catch a fish. You're just too dumb and untrustworthy to use the public resources1; if you all gather at a fishing hole it will be emtpy of fish in no time. That's true of the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic as much as it's applicable to a golf (not Gulf) course pond.

Public Access to Red Snapper

Red Snapper are something we've talked about a lot. We have talked about how to catch them, how to filet them, how to bake, fry, and poach them. We've also talked about the fact that ten years ago we could fish for them half the year. They a few months. Then thirty days. Last year? Seven days.

Whale 10

Non Governmental Organizations (do you even know what an NGO is, or does?) move vast (!) amounts of money around the world in supposed efforts to save everything from the whales to our red snapper to protect them from idiots like you and me. Image from WikiCommons.

People supposedly "protecting" the public resource are, in fact, stealing it from the public. And we're going to start talking about red snapper more and more in coming months.

Recently, National Fishery Management Services/NMFS - a division of NOAA - has suddenly discovered (and after VAST internal - and new - political pressure) that the red snapper population is OK so we can fish for forty-odd days. Broken up over weekends (so those poor working stiffs can get out to the fish), the season is still vastly short. We could fish for red snapper six months out of the year every day of the week without touching the now THICK population of these fish. If you spent time out there you would know how abundant they actually have become. We do not believe they were ever overfished to the degree that the environmentalists claim they've been overfished, but who are we to say. We are not scientists. We're anglers who have been forced off the water by scientists.

The environmental groups - EDF and Ocean Conservancy among others - hate the idea of me fishing for red snapper. If me and my friends had our ways we would kill them all. Of course President Trump hates fish too and if unleased would clean the oceans of all but jellyfish.

Here is a story from another major angler-hater organization called PEW environmental. In our world and concerning issues very important to all of us, they are all the same. Literally, they are all the same. They all see you and me as a danger to the world. It's not just the guns, the bibles, or the sense that there's something special about American. They're smarter than us and if they don't step in and save the world it's gonna go to hell. They do not actually beleive in Hell, but it's where poor momma earth is gonna go if they don't save her.

A federal decision to extend the fishing season for Gulf of Mexico red snapper this summer is likely to lead to overfishing and could allow private recreational anglers to take up to three times as much fish as they are legally allowed under scientifically sound catch limits, according to an analysis of fishery data by The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Pew analyzed estimated red snapper catch rates and projections from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Fisheries Service and, in addition to the finding above, concluded that the total 2017 landings in the Gulf by all fishermen will probably exceed legally allowed amounts by at least 37 percent.

Keeping us Off the Water for Good

This appears to be one story about one species - but it's not. The globalists of the world - and PEW certainly represents them ideologically and legally - want to eventually control every single aspect of our lives. Fish, guns, cars, lightbulbs. Toilet paper. Sugar content, pets. What's next?


More to come...



1The Tragedy of the Commons; Wikipedia _ Science _ Economics


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