Will Steelhead Disappear from British Columbia?

Steelhead might soon vanish from British Columbia and other northern waterways. Why? Management?

We are not tree-huggers by any stretch of your imagination. To the contrary - we think that large-scale organized environmental groups do more harm than good. They "mean" well but it costs an awful lot of money to 'manage' their administrative overheads. Fish are managed by Fishery Management councils here in the US, and the Canadian fishing industry is no better. Commercial fisherman get full control over what can or cannot be caught, and are in bed with the people supposedly protecting the environment.

This story from CBC News in British Columbia tells the story. The stock of Steelhead are close to collapse. Why? Because of flyfishing? We doubt it.

Steelhead BC

An iconic fish could soon disappear from British Columbian waters, according to the province's fisheries manager, who worries Thompson River steelhead may be on the brink of collapse. 

Mike Ramsay, assistant director of B.C's Fish and Game branch, said if management practices in the federally regulated commercial salmon fishery don't change, Thompson steelhead may not be able to recover from low returns.

The whole story is here.

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