City Council Stops Pier and Kayak Launch Site

Fishing piers in Florida are critical for our community. A Maryland group works to stop a new pier and kayak launch.

Fishing is fishing and fishing on a pier or launching a kayak is hardly the most destructive ways of participating in our sport. Fishing is something that's so much a part of so many people's lives that we would think that a well-designed fishing pier (where there are none) and a place that environmentally-conscious kayak anglers (believe me - they are aware of their surroundings sitting down there in the water) could launch their little plastic boats would be a good thing.

Photography on Site Maryland

Maybe. But doing anything that changes things - as progressive as such changes might be - will certainly raise objections from somebody for some reason. In this case a proposed pier on Cobbs Island in Maryland.

The story comes from The BayNet.Com and the photo we used for this piece was found on Photography-in-Place. The photographer's work is well worth checking out.



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