Financing Fisheries Change

This document clearly explains the procedure to make huge investment dividends from our marine resources after the Environmental Defense Fund, through their shill EDF Jane at NOAA, forces catch shares on both the American recreational and commercial fishermen. Simply put, Financing Fisheries Change is a primer on how environmental groups can purchase, or provide funding to purchase Individual Fishing Quotas (IFQs) then lease them back to the American fisherman. The lease revenues will provide a solid cash flow for the environmental groups and their foundations and investors while maintaining ownership of the fisheries’ IFQs. IFQs that will appreciate in value yearly while giving complete control of the fisheries to the enviros through the wordage in each lease agreement. It will allow them to dictate fisheries management policy. Policy that could include creation of Marine Protection Areas (MPA), spatial, and time and area closures, and size restrictions without the need for government regulation or recreational fishing organization input. It is a pure genius scheme and a win-win situation for the environmentalists at a tremendous cost to both domestic recreational and commercial fishermen.

During the week of 2-1-11, the Big Game Fishing Journal had sent this 120 page document to five congressmen, including the Speaker of the House, and one senator to answer their question, “Why the tremendous push for the catch shares fisheries management system by the current NOAA administration and the Environmental Defense Fund.”

We have also sent letters along with the Financing Fisheries Change document to six recreational fishing organization directors that signed on to a letter to Dr. Jane Lubchenco dated April 9, 2010. The letter, which was also signed by the PEW Environmental Group, the Environmental Defense Fund, Ocean Conservancy, and Oceana, addresses the catch shares system effort and a willingness by these recreational groups to work together with the environmental community and Lubchenco in order to bring catch shares to the recreational fisherman.

In essence, our letter to The Billfish Foundation, Coastal Conservation Association, Center for Coastal Conservation, International Game Fish Association, American Sportfishing Association, the National Marine Manufacturers Association, and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partners states that it is our belief they are being used by the environmental business community. These environmental organizations do not understand nor do they appreciate or care about our fishing way of life. The Financing Fisheries Change document shows why the enviros are making this tremendous push for catch shares. It’s not about marine conservation, it is all about money and total control of the fisheries management process.

If you are a member of any of these organizations, please take the time to remind them that it is impossible to negotiate in good faith with the “Devil.” You will pay the price every time. Make these organizations understand catch shares is not the will of the people, and they must fight against this privatization, the selling off and leasing back of our marine resources, and the total control of our fisheries management system by the enviros. Fishing is a unalienable right, not a privilege given to us by the environmental community.

Capt. Len Belcaro

Big Game Fishing Journal

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