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This hour-long video is well-worth the time. I have many progressive friends that have turned it off after ten minutes. When confronted with real scientists showing real information about how Al Gore and the Globalists he represents (and is paid $100k per-hour to speak to) have completely worked information to raise the world's fear-level to almost religious fervor. Global warming -- now called Climate Change -- is based on flawed science, and is the basis of a global movement to create a world of "negative income tax" and more. This piece done by a British producer -- and never shown anywhere on our media -- will show you that indeed, there are scientists that do not believe the religion of Man-Made Global Warming.

The UN's International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a very political organization inside the UN that does not like capitalism, does not like the free market, do not like the Jewish people, and certainly do not like the United States. This is the story about how a scientific theory -- since proven incorrect -- turned into a worldwide political movement. If you're a scientist that says "this might not be a problem" you find yourself out of work. Remember, if they tell the truth, you stop sending money to the green movement. Stop sending money, and they have to find new victims. Polar bears are, after all, just fine.


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