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In the constant search for cool content about fishing, and (in this section) the politics of fishing, we come across some pretty outstanding stuff. High-budget, high-cost, high-impact stuff. Stuff like, let's say, AlGore produces. Stuff he gets paid the mind-boggling sum of (around) $100,000 an hour to show entraptured audiences, whose love for the wilderness they've never entered (much less spent a week in) drives them to donate billions of dollars in the name of the huge-headed meat-eating millionaire 100-times over.

God Bless America, right? Where else would a presidential wanna-be end up with $100 million, more private jet rides then he can count on a thousand rare beef patties, and a carbon footprint that has to be bigger then Starbucks, huh? Speaking of which, did you know that Starbucks has gone green? So has my plumber.


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