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Finally, our big day is here. Boy! We just can't wait to get started. Then we hear the words we have all been waiting for, all aboard the Friendly Fisherman.

The Online Fisherman Private Charter 10-19-2012-look at that view!

Let's go fishing!

OK! Let's go get them!

Our first exciting moment was when mate, Chuck, hand-lined a 400 pound nurse shark. While being reeled in, the line was tangled with someone elses and there was just no fixing it. So, Chuck took charge! He grabbed the line and hand-lined it all the way in!

The Online Fisherman Private Charter-nurse shark

Now that's some shark. What a battle!

The Online Fisherman Private Charter-fishing

Let's try for some grouper & hog fish!

The Online Fisherman Private Charter-hogfish

The fishing is really slow, but we still manage some real beauties!

The Online Fisherman Private Charter-red grouper

What a proud young man. Nice red grouper!

The Online Fisherman Private Charter-bbq pork sandwich

Allison, we are really getting hungry. Man! That BBQ pork sandwich is heaven on earth!

The Online Fisherman Private Charter-hogfish

Brian is a real expert at catching the elusive hog fish. A light outfit & live shrimp does the trick. Way to go Brian, way to go!

Then we hear it, loud screams of excitement coming from the port stern. Rick, what's going on? I can't believe it. I was untangling a back-lash, then line starts pealing out. Why now? Oh well! I am going to show this fish who the boss really is. Gosh! listen to that drag sing. This is a real fish. Must be a gag; he is determined to reach his rocky home. No way! Rich Jr. puts on the power, the real power. This fish, this beast, responds with another run for home. Rick, more determined than ever, turns the desperate fish. He's on the way up, I think! Look, look, I see color. It's a gag, a really nice gag. Quick, get the gaff, Chuck, hurry before he runs again. Oh! Thank you Chuck, thank's for a job well done, very well done.

The Online Fisherman Private Charter-gag grouper

It took team work, but we did it. Nice going Rick Jr. nice going indeed!

Once again we hear screams, screams of excitement. Jessica, hole on girl, hole on. Jessica, being a real woman, is determined, 'I will catch this fish!' Jessica is pulled from the middle of the stern to the starboard side of the Friendly Fisherman. This fish, this real fighter, has met his match, no match for 'woman-power,' for a real fisher-girl. Our mate, Chuck, being the man he is, is quick to the rescue.

The Online Fisherman Private Charter-red grouper

Way to go Jessica, way to go!

The fishing was much slower than we would have liked. Never-the-less, we caught some quality fish, the food was outstanding, and the weather was picture perfect gorgeous. But what really sat this trip apart was the camaraderie among real down to earth people. OnLineFisherman sportsmen/women are the best!

"Finally our big day is here!" Let's do this again. It's simply too much fun not to.

Bob Harbison proud member of The Online Fisherman Forum

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