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For some reason my email hasn't gotten the gorgeous pictures for this story Greg's been trying to send us, but these reports coming from the Keys are going to become a regular starting the second week in January, right after we make a couple of national media announcments that are going to be important to the fishing community. The only thing we can figure is that EDF's hacked into our mail servers in a weak attempt to stop us from talking about hassling these poor billfish. That said, Captain Poland's library of imagery isn't short on Sailfish pictures.

This story is about a double-hook up, and the reason I'm writing it myself instead of having Greg do it is because I had the chance to talk to his clients -- a guy named Jim Drews and his son Will. Hailing from a cold town (Hillsdale) in a cold state (Michigan) Jim's in the real estate business. Not the best of places to have been in the past few years. Fortunately his professionalism and attention to his client base keeps him fishing in places like Islamorada. Jim and Will were the ones that experienced the double-hookup with big sailfish just outside the reefs of Islamorada, and if you're been lucky enough to experience a double-hook on anything serious -- be it tarpon, big kingfish, or (as in this case) sailfish -- you know what an exciting event it can be. You also know that being on a boat with an experienced Captain when it happens can be the difference between a brief moment of excitement and then equipment (or other physical) disaster and gently releasing two incredible fish after a simultaneous battle.

I asked Bill why he had chosen Poland to fish with. "I'm into doing research, Gary. When I wanted to bring my son to the keys to catch a sailfish, I started researching who was most likely to help me do it. Poland's name came up so many times it made sense to hire the best. And man, did the choice pay off." The two fish -- which came an hour after they started drifting live ballyhoo (according to eight-year-old Will), and when the bite started, it was non-stop action. Putting two sailfish next to a boat at the same time is more than somebody can imagine unless you've been there and done that. When I asked Will if it was a memorably experience, he said "The best!". Little wonder.

The weather was cold according to the group, but the bait and the fish both cooperated for that once-in-a-lifetime experience for Poland's clients. And another great story for TheOnlineFisherman. Special Thanks to the Jim Drews and his great son Will for a cool interview (talking to eight year olds is a hit-and-miss event, to say the least lol). When I asked little Will if he noticed that billfish look you in the eye, I could hear the magic in his voice, when he said "Yeah. It really did."

They do, you know. Release a billfish gently, and as you're holding onto the leader, the fish seems to know all is well. They look you in the eye sometimes. To say "well fought" we guess.



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