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Armed with a 9 weight outfit, a couple of bags of chum and a beautiful day ahead of us, Allen from Maine and I headed out of Islamorada, Florida in search of Spanish on the fly. Bob Clouser had recommended to Allen to look me up if he really wanted to experience the whole world of fly fishing saltwater. To me this was quite a complement and one to which I wish to thank him for.

Temple Fork Outfitter flyrod using Ohero 40# Fluorocarbon as part of the hand-tied custom leader.

Looking for a blitz or diving to circling birds, we search the surface of the light choppy waters off the key, in my 24 foot Sea Hunter. This time of year you could easily be in a flats boat on the inshore of the offshore as days, like today are more often than not with light breezes and a one foot sea. Not finding any surface baits to throw at, I found a piece of rocky bottom, just off a patch reef. We began to chum the area and like wagons circling to form a defense we too circled in spreading out a slick in which to fish too. Hanging the other bag of chum from my stern, I began backing down into the circulating ring of chum, too which flashes to dashes could be seen, as fish were moving up the water column to engage with the chummed feeding frenzy.


Allen was using a 9wt, TFO (Temple Forks Outfit) rod with an attached prototype fly reel, as he, under my instruction, from the overhead cast, roll, false, distance or double haul, and how to mend you line and all while catching fish too! Our leader was , tied with a loop knot on the fly to start with and it caught quite a few fish but it was succumbed to those toothy critters in losing a couple of flies from sharp, clean bite offs. Changing the end of the Fluorocarbon, with about six inches of light wire, also tied in a loop at the fly, allowing for a more life like presentation, Allen hooked it up with around 8 to 10 nice Spanish Mackerel in the four to five pound range. Following to the Spanish, he too managed a full Florida Key day in many a Bluerunner and Jack Caravels as well!


Catch Ya Later...

Captain Greg Poland

“I have been a Charter boat Captain / Fishing Guide in the Florida Keys sense 1989. I would love to get you out on the H20... Let me know when you are ready to go catch the big one"

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