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The winds of March roar like a lion and roar they have across the Keys here at Islamorada, Florida this week, in keeping many a pleasure to charter Captain alike in port but Greg Poland is always looking for an opportunity to get out on the water an get some business done! This week, he and a friend found a break and scooted out in some hot water action on a cool breezy day. Like Captain Greg says, " Ah heck, that little wind at your back, you just get a better and futher cast, making for a longer presentation on the water. Longer presentation means more hook ups and that is why we are here, to catch fish, right?"

Needlefish Lures


On the backside of Indian Key, ocean side of Islamorada, my buddy and I decided to try a little artificial needlefish action in driving up some macks on the bite. The ride was rough as we ran along the leeward side of the key in looking for bird to slick action. Just inside, before the drop-off, along Indian Key there was a floating slick which screamed to be fished. Fishing OHERO rod & reels we pitched out our hard baits and sure enough, it was Mackerel City. The best of the rest was in catching the Cero Mackerel; frantic runs to a couple of leaps and bounds, we were on the fish. The bay side of the Isle was white cap city with a twenty plus knot wind blowing but back here on the lee side it was but a slight chop and the fish, like us, were seeking shelter out of the wind.

Mackerel at the boat

Continuing the morning by fishing the trenches we hooked it up with plenty of plate sized Mangrove snapper and more Mackerels than you could shake your rod at! Catching Snapper to Mackerel on light spinning tackle is a real hoot. We were fishing out of my 18 foot flats Chittum's boat with a 70 HP Yamaha , giving us plenty of edge on getting to and from our angling spots. I have been a Charter boat Captain / Fishing Guide in the Florida Keys sense 1989. I would love to get you out on one of my boats. Let me know when you are ready to go catch the big one. I too am National Business Bureau Approved...Capt. Greg
Meet Mr. Cero, he is the fish!
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