Crabby Permit

Armed with an Ohero rod & reel on Green Braid with an attached 20lb fluorocarbon leader, Christopher Stevens cast out his live crab for a slow back drift. I prefer spinners when I am slow trolling or drifting baits with clients looking for big Permits. As we were about to pass the rocky patch, sign of a big one was just to my starboard side, so that is what we tried first. First try, first cast and first hungry Permit on the first bite of the morning and not bad either considering that ominous frontal line way off in the distance, looming across the Gulf of Mexico with plenty of rain and blow!


Tamara & Christopher Stevens with Permit

The Permit swam right up under the bait and in a switch-back turn, invigilated the crab with a one two punch and it was a fish on; screaming drag and all! Keeping an eye towards the sky, I tried in aiding with keeping up with the fleeing fish as it took us well over two miles out, offshore. In to out, back to fro, Christopher had the time of his life with this 30 pound Florida Permit and in just a little over an hour to victory! We took the snaps and headed for the ramp, as storms crossing open water can move very fast and in no time be on you. By the time we were loaded back onto the trailer, the blow and rain hit hard but for Tamara & Christopher Stevens from New Jersey, they had their hit out off the middle Florida Keys in fishing Islamorada, with memories of a day they will never forget.


Come Catch Your Dream; Greg Poland with Christopher & his Permit!

Ohero Professional Captain Poland blog Site is located here and do not forget to check out his website, if you might just want to catch your dream fish too!

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