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We've been talking about the site's redesign for what seems to be six months now, and what nobody knows is how much time is really being spent on it. This picture of anglers Louis and Amy Fantasma is something I had two weeks ago and hadn't gotten a chance to post. But considering the fact that they were on their honeymoon when they decided to fish with one of the best guides who's ever fish the Florida Keys (our friend and Keys Editor Greg Poland) they're begun a relationship that they'll enjoy as long as there's sunshine in the air, blue water, and fish like the ones they caught that day on Captain Greg's boat.

What's it like to be married? A lot of us can answer that. What's it like to wrestle with a permit like this one the week you took your vows (or anytime, for that matter)? That's a question that being on a boat with a professional like Greg can answer for the dreamer in you. That's newlywed Louis Fantasma holding Ohero gear and the beastly permit.

On the phone with Amy I asked about how long she had been fishing. It seems she's every bit -- maybe more if possible -- as in love with our blessed sport as any of us, and certainly as much as her husband Louis. "Since I can remember" was her response. It's interesting how many different sportsfolks say that. Granted -- you can become addicted as an adult (it's that first free 'hit' that hooks you, I think), but an overwhelming percentage of us got into our sport as children, and were taught by those family members and friends we most trusted and loved being with. That connection with the water is a connection with our beloved oftentimes.

Amy and a shark friend that many large men would hesitate to pet. The smile on the bride's face is priceless. A lot of angers on Greg Poland's trips end up with smiles on their faces and memories of a lifetime. This is sure one of them.

I hope that Amy and Louis get to read this story about that first few weeks together, and how getting on Poland's boat added to an adventure that's only just starting.

The end of a very, very cool day on the water with one of America's true fishing resources, and the start of a lifelong fishing trip :) Anglers Louis and Amy Fantasma on Captain Greg Poland's boat after an incredible day in the Sport Fishing Capital of the World.





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