Floating Water Park at the Hamptons

Ever think of a place you could hang out with the family that is four feet deep at high tide and totally safe?

Introducing the floating water park. This article comes from the Hampton Daily Press and is about the intention of local officials to build a water park. We assume this is for people that do not have a few feet of million dollar an inch sand to wet their feet on. We've driven around the streets of the Hamptons and have been to a beautiful hous or two over the years. It's definitely a world of the 1/100th of 1% of the 1%ers.

Floating Water Park

The proposed water part would hold about 150 people at a time and would be in big demand, we wager.

From the article:

Hampton officials are still hoping to install a floating water park at Buckroe Beach next summer after postponing plans to do when when they discovered that the Virginia Marine Resources Commission and Army Corps of Engineers needed to issue permits first.

So far, several state and federal environmental agencies have advised that the park won’t have any negative impact on wildlife or plant and animal habitats, filings with the commission and Corps show.

The whole story is here.

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