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Posted on 11/17 by Captain James Chappell in region Florida Fishing Reports Keys

Captain James Chappell

Captain James Chappell



Hello everyone, and welcome back to this week’s report! This week has had its ups and downs as this “Super Moon” has been on top of us, but the fishing has been pretty good nonetheless. The weather started out really nice, but has started to blow as this last little front has come through. It has been nice though with the cooler temperatures, and looking forward to what the backside of the moon is going to bring.

The Swordfishing offshore has been hanging on, as there were a few fish caught this week, along with some toothy critters out there trying to eat them. One of my buddies had the tail eaten off of a nice sword by a Mako, which they ended up catching! Another one of my buddies caught 2 to the South, so it appears there were a few biting at least. Looks like we will have to wait until this wind subsides before the next report, but good news into November.

The humps are still holding smaller black fin tuna, as there are starting to show good numbers of the larger BFT’s on the edge of the reef. We have been doing a lot of live chumming with pilchards lately for the sailfish and getting ambushed by the 20 pound BFT’s has been a lot of fun. The kites have been producing some nice fish too, so there are definitely some around.

The wrecks have been giving us a good showing this week as well. Some really nice Muttons and Groupers for my customers this week, and have seen several more around the docks. The Kings are here, and are chewing, so if the slime is what you are after I shouldn’t have any issues with these guys. The Wahoo have started to show up with this moon too, so the deep ledges and wrecks have been pretty productive all week.

The reef this week has been another story, as the current has been up into the wind nearly all week. Monday was the only day with current behind the boat until today, but the water has been clean as well so reef fishing hasn’t been the best. A lot of guys, including myself, have hit the patches for some dinner fish outside of Sailfishing and they are really starting to heat up. There is a lot of variety inside in the shallows right now as these fronts are really getting things going on the shallow reefs. Plenty to catch out there in my backyard, but be aware of the weather forecast this weekend as they are saying it is going to blow. Small boaters keep a close eye out on the weather, as a small craft advisory has already been issued. Good luck this weekend everyone, and catch ‘em up!

Tight Lines,
Capt. James Chappell

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