Actor Keaton Gets Popped for Fly-Fishing

Go Keaton.

Actor Michael Keaton tried his hand at directing a film called The Merry Gentleman. It's about a young woman who escapes her abusive husband and then falls for a suicidal hit man (Keaton).

But that's not important. What's important is that Keaton, a dedicated fisherman, took some time off during filming to go Fly-Fishing and got slapped not with a trout – but a lawsuit. Due to allegedly not living up to his contractual obligations, Keaton is being sued by the film's production company, which spent $5.5 million to make The Merry Gentleman. The movie grossed a total of $346,286.

Michael KeatonAn actor and a fisherman.

According to the complaint, "Keaton was difficult during the editing process, going Fly-Fishing when he should have been working on the film and then delivering an unsatisfactory cut."

Way to go Michael! You know what's important in life!

MayMichaelKeaton2He has his prorities straight. Fishing first!

The producer and the screenwriter cut an alternative version but Keaton said he wouldn't promote it at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. The producers relented and yet still no commercial success.

Keaton's attorneys said: "The Directing Agreement does not make Keaton the guarantor of the Film's commercial success." Keaton says the film was a "critical and artistic success." He also said that there's no secret sauce to producing a commercial success. "Nobody knows anything about what makes a movie a success," said famed screenwriter William Goldman (The Princess Bride, Misery, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid).

Well, all I know is, Michael Keaton is a cool dude.

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