Bluegill on a Flyrod

Bluegill are arguably the most delicious freshwater fish in the water; and they're abundant. A great way to flyfish too.

This was an article from up north, but bluegill are a fish that live in every state in the union, and like this short story says, they're an outstanding little fish to fight on a flyrod or even a very light spinning rod. When it comes to using a flyrod for them, you can use light tackle, and a lot of serious anglers use the same light fly tackle for strong saltwater fish as well.

Bluegill on a Flyrod

Every body of water might hold these tasty panfish. Why are they called panfish you ask? Eat one.

The article is from the North Platte Telegraph and can be found right here. Cool story about cool fish and the story totally applies to those of us that do not live next door to Santa Claus.


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