Comedy Meets Fly-Fishing Philosophy in New Movie

Get over to Montana.

What happens when a self-proclaimed, world-renowned fly-fishing expert and guide retraces Norman Maclean's "A River Runs Through It"? What about when it is done with a comedic slant?

a riverComedic fly-fishing guide Hank Patterson channels his best Brad Pitt impersonation.

We all know that fly-anglers take their sport -- and life -- pretty seriously. Images that come to mind of fly-anglers standing in a river consist of stoic-looking males (not to be mysoginistic, but that is reality), dressed up in hip-boots with suspenders, a wicker basket to hold a trout or two attached to their hip, and a classic angler's hat with a few emergency flies hooked into the brim.

Well, now there is a comedy featuring a take-down on Brad Pitt's beautiful yet tragic character in the original film by Robert Redford. I suppose that the director hopes the fly-fishing community doesn't take it too seriously.

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Comedy meets fishing philosophy in new film.

But first, watch a short video comedy by Hank Patterson below.

By Tom Kuglin for The Independent Record
With commentary by Paul Kimpel for TOF

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