Fly Anglers See Hope in Global Warming

Some of us on the team at TOF feel that unless we shut down the eletrican grid by eight PM the world's defnitely (as opposed to highly likely) gonna fry in the next ten years, with the oceans and the poles both dried from the heat. Sort of like Mars; a planet devoid of water but with every sign it was there long ago.

Some of us think that climate does, indeed change, and that man might, in fact, have some - albeit tiny compared to the last ice age - effect on said climate. But not enough and not convincing enough to turn from being America into being Europe in the middle ages.

Then, of course, there are those of us that believe that climate change might be a good thing. After all; more people die from the cold then die from sweating, right?

From the Albequrue Journal:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Leave it to a fly fisherman to find the upside of global warming.After all, as a group, fly fishermen are optimistic souls, the sort who know without a doubt that the best trout fishing anywhere, ever, is just upstream, around that bend and over those boulders.

New Mexico Trout

Fly fishermen are sure that the next cast, or maybe the one after that, will be the one that hooks that big, battling brown that won’t get away.

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