Fly anglers take major Canadian bass tourament

Flyrodders winning a major bass tournament? Not something throwing a four-ounce metal thing with eight blades?

This is an article we found on the Orvis site, which is always an interesting place to visit if you're a fly anglers. They also have some killer instructional stuff on YouTube if you're ever interested. But this is talking about a major Canadian bass tournament that was taken by guys fishing with long rods. This is not a common event, and we thought that our fly anglers - or any of our many largemough bass afficianados - would like this story.

Longrodders win bass tournament

Last weekend, Scientific Anglers pro-staff members Philippe Charon and Karl Beliveau took home the top prize in the Big Bass Challenge Quebec, a major bass-fishing tournament. Why is this notable? Because, of the 96 teams entered in the event, Charon and Beliveau were the only fly fishermen. Yes, folks, a couple of long-rodders beat out 95 boatsworth of Senko-slingin’, Rapal-chuckin’, rubber-worm draggin’ gear anglers. By catching the biggest fish, a 5-pound smallmouth, Charon and Beliveau earned $5,000.

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