Flyfishing as the Ultimate Stress Relief

Is flyfishing a hobby? A stress relief? A way of life? Maybe it's all. This outstanding blog asks the question.

We found this looking around at why people love flyfishing - and the role it plays in the lives of our angler/readers. When we found The Competent Gentleman and read a piece on his blog about stress relief, his commentary really struck home.

Flyrod stress relief

What represents stress relief? What is a hobby, really?

For me, it’s fly fishing.  Although I’m not the best at it (by a long shot), and I’m not the most handsome man in my waders, there is nothing so calming as standing in the water, casting artificial flies to fish.  And when a fish decides to take the fly, fish on! 

Releasing the fish afterwards is a beautiful thing.  Getting outside to enjoy nature is a huge plus. I also take some time (especially in the winter when the fishing is less comfortable) to tie my own flies.  It seems tedious to many, but to me, it is a very calming endeavor.

Visit the blog; it is worth your time. When Gene called himself a Competent Gentleman, he really meant it.


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