Flyfishing, Foster Kids, and Clean Water

Mix flyrods, foster kids, and a true love for the sport and you get Cullen. The story from Arkansas happens everywhere.

This gentle and touching story about a guy with plenty of fishing experience finding flyrods and foster kids, and putting the two of them together.

Kids Fly Fishing

We found the story on the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette:

Surrounded by the sounds of wildlife chirping and buzzing and the water gurgling, (Cullen) Bullard's mind is put at ease. No troubles, just cool water racing around his body, the meditative flicking of the fly-fishing rod and the dancing of the fly as it floats toward the stream.

"It's different from any other type of fishing," says Bullard, 32. "I've done competitive bass fishing; I've done saltwater fishing; everything. It's different because you're more in tune with nature. Most of the time you're in the water. It's much more relaxing. It's something about the breeze. The fog. The smell of the river."

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