Flyfishing in the High Country in the summertime

Fishing the High Country does not require you travel to Colorado. These tips for summertime trout fishing are close.

We do not have "High Country". Our idea of high country is 50 feet above sea level where I live around Tampa and Saint Petersburg. But the High Country in this story are the mountain streams (imagine that if you can) is not that far from us. It's not in the mountains of Idaho or Utah or Colorado. They're actually pretty close: in North Carolina.

Here's a story about five summertime tips for fishing those streams. And trust us - they're every bit as beautiful as any streams anywhere here in this country or anywhere else. And you do not need a 12-weight flyrod to feel the rush either. This is light tackle and light fly country.

North Carolina Streams

Here's the story on the Waucasa Democrat:

After winter weather in the High Country, the familiar warmth of sunshine and summertime can be a welcomed feeling. For anglers, there’s a sense of relief that comes with summertime; no more numb hands and frozen rod guides. It’s a time to ditch the waders and enjoy one of the reasons anglers are drawn to the sport of fly fishing in the first place — being immersed in nature.

Thanks to the site for a great story for us to share with our readers.

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