Flyfishing Whiskey-Drinking Chef Sought

A new restaurant in Trout country is seeking a hard-drinking, fly-fishing chef. You think we are kidding? We're not.

Firewater Public House in Saratoga, WY is searching for its first Head Chef. Firewater is a new restaurant, opening in April of 2017 right on the North Platte in the heart of Saratoga. The focus of the restaurant will be a simple, elevated approach to comfortable food. Perfectly set next to the river, Firewater is built around the idea of gathering at the end of a day on the water, telling fish tales around a big table, and enjoying a simple but excellent meal.

WhiskeyDrinking Flyfishing

We are looking for a passionate, creative chef to work in a collaboration with ownership. This will be your kitchen to run on a daily basis, developing dishes, driving the culinary program within seasons, and managing the BOH team. The owners are focused on the quality of ingredients and want the food and presentation to be something the whole team loves and would serve to their families and friends at home.

If you think we are kidding about this job offering, check it out on the Denver Craig's List today. It's probably gone, but it was there this morning at 7:00 Eastern time. It might still be there.

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