Flyrods Come to the World of Tournament Fishing

Fly anglers look down on tournaments, right? And killing a fish? Ech. But the times. they are a'changing.

When I first showed up in West Central Florida I was all of twelve and had a few rods. An ultra-light spinning rod, a ten-foot spinning casting rod for surf fishing Striped Bass in NJ, two old solid-graphic blank "Boat" rods and a flyrod. A six weight flyrod. The fish here were too strong for them short of little largemouth, and I graduated to an 8-weight quick.

Flyrod Tournaments

The first [fly fishing]  tournament was held in Scotland in 1880. In the United States, the oldest event is the Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament held in the Florida Keys. It began in 1964 as a spin, plug and fly format but in 1972 was changed to fly fishing only.

But tournament fishing did not often include flyrods. Flyrods are relatively new to the tournaments circuit. At least I thought it was. That's what made this article about flyrods having a growing place in the circuit.

The story is from Louisiana Sportsman and we hope you like it.

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