Going to the Fish - Atlantic Salmon in Canada

We have fished in Canada a couple times - for Northern, Muskees and Walleye - but never for Atlantic Salmon. It has to be a real trip, and something we've always thought about doing. It is not on the very top of our bucket lists, but it's definitely in the room with the buckets. We have caught Pacific Salmon in Alaska, and if the Atlantic version are anything like the ones it takes 15 hours to fly to they will do us just fine.

British Columbia

This article came from the Calgary Herald and talks about fishing a river - a famous river - called the Miramichi:

As host of the Canadian documentary The Dimestore Fisherman, I have had the opportunity to visit some really amazing communities in Canada. Frequently, I am asked which communities boast the best fishing experiences. Whenever people tell me they love Atlantic salmon fly-fishing, I always recommend visiting Miramichi, New Brunswick. The legend and lore of the Miramichi River are known the world over.

The whole story from the Calgary Herald is here.

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