Hooks and Antlers - A Flyfishing Story

What is so special about a fishing style that is more allure than meat? The magic of flyfishing never goes away.

In a short phrase from this great flyfishing article, the author pretty much hit the nail on the proverbial head:

Envision yourself standing waist-deep in a clear-flowing stream with trout dimpling the water’s surface as they feed on an early-summer hatch and the sun approaching the horizon. As you prepare to cast your fly, take a minute to drink in the solitude, scenery and serenity. This fly-fishing experience is a reward in itself, and catching fish is a bonus.

Flycasting 3

Flyfishing is very big here in Florida, but no way does it equal the intensity of the sport in western rivers and streams. That makes sense, because anglers there do not have a dozen or two dozen saltwater species they can chase in the unlikely event they get tired of catching largemouth bass. Or crappy. Or bluegill.

But you get the drift. Fishing flyrods - if you have never done it or even tried learning to cast one - is an aspect of our sport you should not miss.

From the Watertime Daily News. The whole story is here.

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