Iconic flyfishing movie 25 years later

The young Brad Pitt did not catch trout or cast the long rod in the famous movie. So what really happened?

We were looking around the world of Fly Fishing for the latest news, and we came across this story in The Great Falls Tribune. It was in their backyard that the movie A River Runs Through It was shot. Turns out those fish were fake and casting a dry fly seventy-five feet upstream and gently letting it feed back was not happening either. The story is great - and the movies was beautiful at the time whether Brad Pitt turned out to be one of our favorite actors or not. He was good in this one.

River Runs Through It

From the original story:

When Big Sky Country hit the big screen in 1992, big results followed. The film won an Oscar for best cinematography, and Montana and its rivers won fans world over. Fly fishing became mainstream. Bozeman became trendy. 

In October, it will be 25 years since the release of the iconic film, which is based on a 1976 book about family and fly fishing on Montana’s Blackfoot River written by Norman Maclean, a University of Chicago literature professor who grew up in Missoula.

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