It's about more than the rod...

We are avid fly people ourselves - or try to be when we're fishing the right conditions for the right species (we have yet to catch a gag or red grouper on a flyrod though we're sure it's been done somehow somewhere by somebody). This article about flyfishing in Texas says it all.

Flyfishing on a Kayak

You can fly-fish from a kayak or motorboat, wade in the water or stand on a gravel bar as you cast. No matter what method you use, fly-fishing success is tied to water clarity and flow, and here in Austin that depends on how much water the Lower Colorado River Authority releases from upstream dams, and when they do it. The best fishing takes place in the clear water troughs between pulses of released water.

You can find the whole article here at MyStatesman in Austin. Considering, it's a bit of a surprise it's not called the Statesperson of whatever they feel like today. But the story's still pretty cool and well-written for sure.

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