Japanese Style Fly-Fishing -- Cheap and Simple

Try Japanese fly-fishing for easy fun.

Hey -- you folks that fly-fish, or have been wanting to start. You may want to look into Tenkara, an ancient Japanese technique and style of fly-fishing that is deadly in it's simplicity, and allows you to travel light -- like with next-to-nothing. Simplicity is its essence, and in our wonderful country of excess, there's something to be said for that. Grab your bicycle or a pair of sneakers, or a canoe, and off you go with just the light rod, a line, and a couple of flies. No reel, no extra anything. The rod telecopes down to 20 inches for easy packing too.


Tenkara is a centuries-old Japanese style of fly fishing, and while its history is steeped in practicality, its growing recreational fishing appeal lies in that very spareness. Many anglers feel that with less gear to deal with, you can focus more on the art of fly-fishing itself. It's also great for novices or kids, again due to the lack of complexity.


But it also has another level of challenges for the established pro-flyman -- it's lack of super-duper accessories. Just you, the rod and line, and the fly and fish. Try it. Commune. Have some Saki. Wear a Kimino. Or not.

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