Learning from Old Guys - the Tale of the Splake

Time on the water or in a stand is the best teacher. But the people who've spent that time have a lot to offer. Here is one.

We found this in an online news source from Lima Ohio (LimaOhio.com). The author - an outdoors addict like all of us are but with a good command over the language - shared the most meaningful questions he's gotten over the years he's been writing for the paper (turned web site). All the answers are cool. Some were expected, some not so much.

Like this one about the weirdest fish he has ever seen in Ohio:

The most unusual fish were a piranha and a pacu, both popular aquarium exotics species from South America. They were caught by different anglers in a small local lake in northwest Ohio.


The fish would not have survived a winter in Ohio, but it is really interesting they were caught. The entire story is not about fishing alone; it is about the experiences of a professional writer whose life was made up of looking for good content to write about. The whole story has the many years of experience compiled into one Q&A.

Now we're into Peacock bass; the tropical import brought to Florida in the eighties in part to eat paku - an invasive species of its own that was eating baby largemough bass. In one of the rare instances of manking not completely screwing up the ecosystems here in Florida (read a little about the glades and Captains for Clean Water)

The whole story about the most interesting things ever to happen to Alan Smith from the LimaOhio.com site is here.

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