Lord Moyola - A Fly-Fishing Irish Aristocrat and Forensic Angler

The Irish are famous for fly-fishing.

The elder statesmen of the Moyola River in Ireland were usually generous with their time and advice, but Alex was my favourite. He was a kindly soul. Broadly speaking, the men who tramp the banks of a river on a daily basis fall into three categories: Some have a problem with people; some have a problem with drink; and a fair number of them have a problem with both.

moyola 1A captivating view of the Moyola River, in Ireland.

The River Moyola or Moyola River stretches for approximately 27 miles from the Sperrin Mountains to Lough Neagh. The Moyola starts as a small river for the first few miles of its length and proceeds to expand to a medium sized river and then to a large rive for its last couple of miles before Lough Neagh. In ancient times, the River Moyola was known as the 'Bior', and served as the border between the Airgiallan kingdoms of Fir Li and Ui Tuirtri.

moyola 2Some of Moyola's elder statesmen.

Alex wasn't a drinker, but I remember being told he could be awkward in company. He could be a bit of a twister.

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By Paddy Heaney

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