Match the Hatch Yourself

Have you ever given any thought to how you look while fishing? Perhaps I should say how you look to the fish. Fly fishing; be it freshwater or saltwater is mostly a sight fishing experience. We see the fish and make our cast. We can increase our chances in this cat and mouse game that is so captivating to so many of us. Fish sometimes hear or feel us by our slightest noise or movement in shallow water. Worst than that, they have surprising eyesight looking upward through the water.


Some fly rods have beautiful finishes on them that put my truck to shame and the fly reels are equally beautiful. Both being works of art in fantastic craftsmanship and engineering, can put a flash like a mirror across the water that will send our finny friends packing. Another piece of bad news is those beautiful watches that many of us wear do the same. Flash and more flash but still not the worst of it all. Then there are those sunglasses that are a must have. Many wearers of today’s ultra modern and sophisticated eye protection have a mirror coating or layer that also can alert the fish of our presence but the worst thing of all is our own shape or visual presence to the fish. Whether we are casting from the bow of our skiff or standing in a kayak or just wade fishing, we are many feet above the water and easy for a fish to spot us. Even if the water is stained or muddied they can see a shadowy image above them. Add clear water to the mix and it compounds the issue.


I see many anglers wearing solid color clothing on the flats or while fishing from shore and this makes it real easy to be spotted. Wearing camouflage helps but it does not match what is behind us. Remember the fish is looking up and can see the clouds or blue sky behind. Sometimes there are reeds or saw grass behind us. Most camo represents trees and leafs that we find up in the northern states so they are of little use or effect with this problem. So what’s the answer? It’s simple really. Wear camo that matches what the fish see behind us and we become virtually invisible to them.

That poses another question; where do I get light weight, fast drying, high quality camo to match the different conditions that you fish in? Aqua Design has just what we need for any situation. Their camo fishing gear will make you invisible to the fish if you match the pattern to the conditions. Now I’m not saying that you won’t or can’t catch fish without Aqua Design. I am saying that you’ll spook less fish and give yourself the opportunity to catch more of the cautious buggers. It’s all about becoming Visually Quiet. Have you ever seen a bone fish on the flats? Once he gets just a few feet away from you he is Visually Quiet. His mirror-like scales reflect what is around him. So when you think you see him you may only be looking at a shadow from the ripples on the water surface shadowing on the sandy bottom. That’s just one example of the evolution of how a fish protects itself from predators. Aqua Design is the only camo clothing company that has visually quiet clothing that mimics in their patterns, what the fish see looking up out of the water. Isn’t it time that your fishing techniques evolve?

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