The Five Best Flyfishing Rivers in America

Have a Bucket List yet? Money to burn? A long rod and a desire to fish the five best trout streams in the nation? Read on...

This story made us start thinking about what it would be like to take a few months (?) off to fish these five incredible destinations. It would be a real experience. The original story - which discusses (in depth) the individual waterways and what you can expect to catch there - was found on CBS Minnesota, but it's really one of those eternal stories that you could read ten years from now and it would still be elegant and tell a story about our sport and lifestyle that would not have changed one tiny bit.
This image came from FishingMontana406.com. The images you will find there are just mind boggling. Little wonder it's in the list of the best five places to flyfish in the country.


And finally, here is a short list of each of the five places Randy Yagi picked for the article. He's an outdoors writer so we have to think he either fished these holes or could easily pick the right fly to use when he gets there. His writing indicates an actual passion for the same outside world we love so much.

The original (entire) story is here.

The five best rivers to fish in America

Au Sable River, Michigan

The Beaverkill

San Juan River

Shenandoah River

Yellowstone River





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