The World's Best Fly Fishing?

This river in Iceland is wild, rugged, and offers anglers what could be the finest fly fishing in the entire world. Read on.

With a large number of our readers heavily addicted to fly fishing (what we call long rods), we try to make sure we find, write, or at least link to a good story about this challenging - and remarkably beautiful way to catch fish. In the case of this story the writer is talking about fishing in Iceland - hard, rough, cold and arguably the best trout fishing in the world.

Worlds Best Trout Fishing

A word from the author about a day on the Upper Laxa river, moving from place to place:

Nearly all the fights are overwhelming, with me worrying for rod and line, and I lose many fish. The ones I get to hand, I carefully detach from the barbless hook and free back into the stream. Hours pass in rain shower and sun, and miles pass underfoot. We’re all racking up the numbers, and Angus is keeping a count – annoyingly.

The whole story and some incredible images are here. This is a story about flyfishing that really puts you in the water. You can almost smell the place. There are a lot of places in the world I would love to fish, and this is certainly one of them.

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