Dolphin in November

We are rolling through November, dealing with unseasonably hot conditions -- but the fish are still biting! We enjoyed incredible weather this past week. Winds were forecast to pick up Saturday evening, and carry on into next week. I can’t see far enough in the forecast when it will end, but hopefully it isn’t too bad for too long.

The bait has been excellent with plenty of Cigar Minnows, Ballyhoo, Pilchards, and even a few Sardines. The fish have been happy this week, and there were even some Sailfish that stumbled their way into our area believe it or not! Last November was excellent, and this November has been slow on the Sailfish scent, but great for Dolphin. This just might be the longest Dolphin season in the history of the Florida Keys….no joke! They are definitely starting to thin in numbers, but to be able to go out and catch plenty for a few dinners, in November, is pretty nice. Having said that, there are a few Tunas around on the humps, but the majority of them appear to have moved in on the deep reef, so I would have to say the offshore bite is within a few weeks of being over, at best.

sailfishOur fish have been happy -- and there were even some Sailfish that stumbled into our area!

The Sword Ledge produced nicely this week with a few boats catching 3-6 fish per day, but haven’t heard of much over 80 pounds or so. A lot of little guys out are being released healthy, so I am never upset when I see the little ones -- you gotta have kindergartners to have college graduates if you know what I mean.

The reef and wrecks remain consistent, and the Yellowtail bite is as good as it gets since the Commercial Yellowtail closure. We are allowed to fish for them on charters and recreationally, using the recreational limits, and the fish have been incredibly hungry. The sharks are back in pretty good numbers too, so I suppose we can attribute this to the 82 degree water temperature.

The wrecks and deeper live bottom are still producing nice Muttons and Groupers, as well as some really nice King Mackerel, Amberjacks, Bonita, and even a few African Pompano. A few Wahoo were caught this week with the calmer weather, and this fishery is just getting warmed up as improving conditions come in the next month or two.

That pretty much sums up what you can expect for the weekend! Remember, if you need a charter please feel free to give me a call at 305-803-1321 or contact me through my website at You can also stop by World Wide Sportsman's Bayside Marina and check us out, as I will be glad to help you out with whatever you need. If you are new to the sport and have checked out the magazine and forum, you can also check out for some in depth information on what charter boats we have in our area, and what kind of fishing we all do. It is becoming a great resource and directory for people looking to fish in our area! I hope everyone has a great weekend, and remember to boat responsibly! #PelagicProTeam #MercuryMarine

Tight Lines,

Captain James Chappell

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