Why I Fish

Why I Fish

While fishing one day I caught a very large bass.  It weighed about 8.9 lbs. That is very big for a largemouth bass.  It was a mother bass ready to spawn its young, so I did not handle it too much.  I released it quickly with care so it could continue its life cycle and produce all the baby fingerlings.  While driving back home for some reason, I started to think about what had occurred on my fishing trip, getting to see that creature in its spawning stage of life.  I started to cry out of joy that I would get to release it to live.  My friends laughed at me because they don't think it's manly to cry.  But I disagree!  They poked fun at me, I Laughed and we moved on.

That night while sitting outside and watching the full moon it touched me that God made these things.  So I wrote.  I wrote about why I fish...

I fish because I love the places fish live.  They are wild and clean.  I fish because it separates me from the rest of my life.  I fish because it takes me back to a world that is simple and more important.  I love the feel of the breezes, the water, the sky and all that surrounds me.  I fish because my mind runs as clean of debris as the river before me.  I fish because fish are pieces of wilderness, work's of art fashioned by the hand of our creator.  I fish because it keeps me connected to a part of myself that gets lost in crowds and drowned with words.  I fish because it makes me feel more alive then anything else that I've ever known.


Curt Gowdy and Captain David M Rieumont (1996)

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