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  5. Andrew S

    My FL. Friends

    We are not in FL. anymore. Moved to the Eastern Shore of Md. about three years ago. I lived and fished in Venice FL. My fishing area was SW FL. Do you miss FL.? I really miss living in Venice FL. Thanks!
  6. Hey Everyone Im new to the forum, I like to make videos of people that fish with us or myself. Here's my newest one let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-2VN9Rh_iw Tight Lines Jamie Glasner
  7. Thanks to all those that attended, hope to see you all again next year. A little windy but the fishing wasn't too bad, at least the rain held off till later in the day and the wind kept the temperature reasonable.
  8. harrietandrews

    Fishhook removal Trick

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  10. onecooltuna

    My FL. Friends

    Sorry all your friends are gone... I lived in FL a long time ago, maybe we fished together? was in St. Pete, now in Calif. West coast fishing.. But check in every now an then with the FL fishing.. Looks like you do well - what area are you fishing?
  11. Andrew S

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    I remember you. I read your reports with pictures of deep sea fishing for years. I think your name is Bob. right? I was known on this fishing form as Andy the flounder man. You probably don't remember me.
  12. Native Floridian

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    Been on the forum for many years. Was through this forum that I became a member of the Florida Outdoor Writers Association
  13. harrietandrews

    Beginner Fly Casting Seminar With Tampa Fishing Outfitters!

    Nice article, but i already seen it here
  14. AlfredoArbe

    Hi from South America

    Hi friends, Im Alfredo from Uruguay, my usual fishing is river fishing / kayaking in the many rivers/creeks we have here. THis country has more river per sq mile than any other country in the world, so imagine how is fishing over here. Fishing 4 me is about friendship, family, traditions, not only fish, so I decided to sign up in this forun to see how is fishing in the USA since I also plan to go there, visit friends and ofcourse try fishing
  15. Hey dear fellows. My name is Elena and it is nice to meet you all. I am a fisher girl and I am fishing in the Atlantic ocean in the Dominican Republic. I always give nice offers to my clients but you can check it yourself on my website. Today I want to say a few words about wahoo fishing and to invite you to read my articles and reports ))) During WAHOO FISHING you have to remember that Wahoo one of the fastest and strongest fish in the Atlantic Ocean. That’ why when you have a Wahoo bite during FISHING be ready to have a long battle with that fish. Lot's of interesting stories you will find on our web, come join us, don't be shy SANTA ELENA FISHING CHARTERS
  16. Hey everybody. My name is Elena, and I am a fisher girl :))) I am fishing in Punta Cana Dominican Republic. And it is safe over here so don't hesitate about traveling down to D.R. And I invite everybody how's traveling down to Punta Cana to visit deep-sea fishing charters. My company usually gives good fishing offers and I am trying to make each fishing trip just perfect. Feel free to check our website we did it maximum full with fishing information so I hope you will enjoy it. SANTA ELENA CHARTERS
  17. Native Floridian

    Dorian and the Bahamas

    Dorian and the Bahamas Our prayers go out to our neighbors in the Bahamas. Many years ago the Bahamas looked a 'little' different from the Bahamas we know and love today: My good friend Lonnie owns this state of the art fishing machine: I have caught Red Snapper from it. To say that she is fast would be an understatement: Lonnie lives near Tampa, but also has a very nice home in the Bahamas. On August 31, 2019, Dorian, the first major hurricane of the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season, intensified into a Category 4 major hurricane. On the following day Dorian reached Category 5 with sustained winds of 185 mph. Dorian targeted the Bahamas: First hand report directly from the Bahamas: "Here is a few pictures my good friend and contractor took of our house at Freeport Grand Bahama. His name is d'Sean Smith and owns a company called Spartan Builders. So far he has been credited with saving over 100 people with his Jet ski from the house roof tops. If you are wotching the new he is the one the news groups have been taking pictures of. I believe he got the Prime Minister off of the roof of his house also. Things are bad there, I can not get on the Island, everything seems to be shut down. "Helicopters only" The main power generation system was underwater. I don't know how true but I have "heard" up to three months to get power back." Lonnie Lonnie lives near Tampa, but also has, HAD, a very nice home in the Bahamas. Next stop: We in Florida have so much to be thankful for: Our prayers go out to our neighbors in the Bahamas. Bob Harbison Florida Outdoor Writers Association
  18. Andrew S

    Post - Hurricane Question

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  20. School is starting, summer vacation season is over, the waters are less crowed with fewer boats and fishermen as fall is approaching, the annual mullet run will be starting soon with migrating bait fish schools moving south down the coast and in the intracoastal waterway with schooling game fish to follow. But for now late summer patterns continue as cooler temperatures are still a couple months away here in Florida. Summer variety catching is still the usual in the backwaters here at Mosquito Lagoon and New Smyrna Beach, many different species on every trip, including good numbers of Speckled Seatrout, Mangrove Snapper, Whiting, Jack Crevalle and Ladyfish, also still biting a few along the way are Snook, Black Drum, Redfish and Pompano, and surprise catches of more unusual fish for this area like small size Permit, Bonefish, and Mutton Snapper. Some fish even have a natural freak anomaly, like this nice size Snook, caught and released by Hamp from Georgia, a split, double lateral line on the front end of the line, this is the first Snook I’ve ever seen with this ……………... Spotted Seatrout are an every trip, year round fish here in my area of the backcountry, many schooling size fish are widespread through the area, and better size specks are also a regular catch, longtime client Joe from Tampa with one of the nice Trout from a recent live bait trip, this “over the slot” fish was released ……………… I do trips all the time with families and young kids along, I bring push button Zebco outfits for the younger kids to make it easier for them to cast and fish, young Miles hooked up this nice Snook on his Zebco rod, a great battle with the fish pulling drag over and over and jumping many times, then a great Photo and Release ……………. Repeat husband and wife clients from Canada were out with me again on a good Seatrout trip, Nathalie with her best Trout of the morning ………………… ……..and Martin hooked up a 5 lb Jack Crevalle sight fishing with an artificial lure out of a school of surface striking jacks chasing mullet …………….. Black Drum are also a year round fish here in the Lagoon, Jordan with a nice one …………… Speaking of unusual fish for this area, all through this year I’ve had several young Permit caught on the boat, they are usually more southern Florida fish so not an expected catch her, Joe had a great light tackle battle with this little Permit …………….. FUN FRIENDLY LIGHT TACKLE FISHING ADVENTURES Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon Backcountry and Flats Fishing CHILDREN ALWAYS WELCOME – FAIR PRICES Near Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, and Orlando, East Central Florida CALL OR TEXT ME ANYTIME 386-689-3781 See my website https://EdgewaterRiverGuide.com Capt. Michael Savedow Edgewater River Guide, Inc. Since 2003 386-689-3781 https://EdgewaterRiverGuide.com
  21. Spaphfef

    prosecutor rosa axel

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  22. BillJackson

    Above Water Dock Lights

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  23. Andrew S

    Where Is The Winter?

    LOL! I just seen this.
  24. Native Floridian

    Fishing before Dorian

    Often fishing before a storm can be very good. Dorian is as bad as it gets: That's looking better for us, terrible for the Bahamas. Our Florida fishing can be absolutely fantastic; so are the real sportsmen/women who visit the Sunshine State. Representing the great state of Missouri: Why would anyone travel so far... To fish with us? The answer is simple: Our new friends from the 'Show Me' state are ever so proud, proud for good reasons: Let's go catch some fish. When Will talks, we listen: Thank you, Will: Wow! Our friends from Missouri took, 'Show Me' to heart: Challenge the Red-White-Blue? BIG MO says...NO WAY! We who call Florida home also have a great deal to be proud of... Many who fish also like to hunt. Even if hunting is not your thing, our Florida's woodlands can be a sightseers 'PARADISE' on earth. Like to view wild game? Bear Bridge Ranch is the place to be. Scott make sure we will see plenty of the Sunshine State's best: Stunning: Like to stay in a state-of-the art lodge? How about fishing in a very remote private well stocked lake? As the weather cools Bear Bridge Ranch will be my home for many three day fishing/hunting adventures. The wild boar hunting is fantastic. I will be looking for another trophy: 'Catch' the video of the 8/30/19 thirty nine hour Florida Fisherman ll adventure: https://youtu.be/Z-mZPd28-1M Video and fishing pictures by: And a very special congratulations to the family of Captain Dylan Hubbard:
  25. Andrew S

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    I remember you linesider. You were one of the best posters with your snook pictures.
  26. Publisher

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    Me Tell people to come here. Forums lost popularity but they have advantages over FB. I love FB but forums are still more permanent. We just started paying attention to these again. We can use help.
  27. Andrew S

    Following the tradition

  28. Andrew S

    Any oldtimers still on this forum?

    I am talking, but all I hear is crickets.
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