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  2. It's strange to say my first big dispersed camping trip was recently. Definitely the latest in the year I've ever done my first camping trip in my life, but sort of matches the strange year we've all experienced.We went DEEP into Grand Mesa, to two lakes that Sam and I have never fished. Remy has fished this for years but only goes once if that per year...long and bumpy road but finally got there and couldn't have been more happy. NO ONE around for miles and some absurdly good trout fishing. The lake next to our campsite was BURSTING with Colorado River Cutthroat Trout...Caught 6 eaters for the first night for everyone! The second day we start our mission for BIG BROWN TROUT! Mission starts off very well😃Seeing as we were up there for Three Days and Two Nights, we got a lot of footage. This will be part one of the trip! Hope you all enjoy the action! Got some good drone shots, b-roll shots, and had some great fishing action!
  3. hi, my name is elizabeth. i joined this site,, because of fish. i love eating them YUM YUM,, but i know virtually nothing. please help me 🐟
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  5. Hello all! I've only recently started fishing here in TN, and mostly fish local creeks and "rivers" in my kayak What tackle would you recommend me having as an absolute necessity? I'm mostly using ultra light rods (it's just more fun to me) and anywhere from 4-8# mono line. I've had the most luck with your standard Zoom Super Fluke Pearl White and the Strike King Bitsy Minnow, so I've tending to lean on them more often that I might should. When these aren't working, what'd be your next go-to lure? I have a very limited tackle box at this point. I mostly catch LMB, SMB, bluegill and a very few perch.
  6. Hi all! Can y'all help me out with id'ing this fish? Thanks so much!
  7. Looks like our critic dropped the ball! The only thing I am sharing is what our Florida has to offer. If that's "advertising" I am and will always be an advertiser. " bunch of photos of people posing with fish along with the name of the charter captain." CORRECT!!! That's what real fishing reports are all about. Would not be much of a "usual report" with NO pictures or names.
  8. Celebrating the birth of our nation with a trophy hog In the beginning the peoples who called America home were slaves of Great Britain. The English men came here for business., however, after a short time they started to govern and take complete control. NO WAY! The people of America began to fight for their liberty. After a long revolution the thirteen colonies of America declared independence from Great Britain. On July 4, 1776 the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration proclaimed that the thirteen colonies then at war with Great Britain were now a sovereign, independent nation. The United States of America was born. We are a proud nation, a free nation. On July 4 of every year we give thanks for our freedom; thanks to our forefather who were more than willing to give everything they had to give in the name of freedom. We are FREE to give thanks in our own way. Traditionally many celebrate by watching fireworks displays, and family bar-b-que in the back yard. My back yard was, is, my home-away-from home; my hunting camp: Talk about a way to celebrate the birth of a nation: And what a home it was. The hunting and camp life was absolutely outstanding. My wife & I hunted Buck & Boar for twenty years. Our camp had everything... An Airstream trailer, huge cook shed, running water, a very nice bath house, as well as a walk-in cooler. During our last five years of married life we were both retired. We would spend the entire hunting season at camp. The hog hunting was so good we would often fill the cooler ourselves. Shortly after our last hunt cancer took my loving wife of 39 years; the mother of our three daughters. A lot of me went with her. Forget hunting; I did not even care much about living, but life goes on. Today our camp is still at Buck & Boar. To go back alone would be more than I could take. I have always been very patriotic. I believe in our great Country. In... I believe in hunting and fishing. The Governor of Florida, Governor DeSantis' has made it very clear that... After balancing on boat decks, and charging through swamps, for well over sixty years I find that I can no longer do what I once did. My fishing is done through the eyes of my good friends John & Tammy. What what about hunting? Several years ago I found another home-away-from home. Enter Perry Florida's Two Guys & A Hog. I have been a regular ever since. My guide, Francisco, is the best guide I have ever worked with. He is more that willing to go that extra mile to make sure this old man has the best hunt he can possibly have. July 4, 2020, excitement is building: Francisco is ready to take me to my hunting blind. I wanted to hunt in the wide-open field. He strongly suggested I hunt this long fence line way in back. "Bob, a trophy boar has a run-way along that fence; that's your best chance." OK! let's go get him. As Francisco opens the gate little did we know what we were in for: As we get close to my hut we see him. The monster is 100 yards out and looking straight at us. In a instant he charges. Within a matter of seconds he is all but on-top of us. I have been chased numerous times at Buck & Boar. Me and my .45-70 Marlin Stainless Guide Gun would quickly send them to that great hog-heaven in the sky. This was different; the Marlin as still in its case. I froze! Luckily Francisco didn't. That monster with huge cutters is five feet away. This man-among-men yelled so loud it startled the beast. See that littler lean to in the picture by my hut; he ran through it and out the back. Talk about going the extra mile, Francisco saved me from serious bodily harm. From now on my trusted Marlin will be ready to go. Look at the track left by that monster in back of my hut: It's man against beast! Who will win? This is the electric corn feeder I will be hunting by: As Francisco attempts to spread more corn, the beast charges again. Watch, 37 seconds into the accompanying video, that BIG Boar chase my trusted Guide. This has got to STOP. Stop it I will! I am confident my .45-70 will get the job done: Love the .45-70 tradition. Did you know it was born during the black powder buffalo hunting days of the Old West? He is BIG, mean, and ready for a fight; SO AM I! He is looking straight at me. Is he going to charge? Try it! I put the cross-hairs of my 3X9 Nikon scope between his eye, and, ever so gently, touch the trigger. The awesome power of that .45-70 is on its way. Hog down; hog down & out. Watch that 405 grain ULTRAMAX, 2:10 minutes into the video, do what it does best: Watch the end-the-field video. You must see it to believe it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBb7c_Mxvbs On July 4 of every year we give thanks for our freedom; thanks to our forefather who were more than willing to give everything they had to give in the name of freedom.
  9. Huge Deep Water American Red Snapper Catch On Friday's 39 hour trip Captain Bryon and the guys and gals of the Florida Fisherman ll stuffed the Florida's huge boxes: Can the boxes be 'stuffed' in July? Let's go see: As a rule not too many Red Snapper are caught at night; however: Let's go deep. Let the fights begin As usual, the girls lead the way: Followed by the future of our sport; the young: In between stops we troll: Now! More of the best the Gulf of Mexico has to offer, the highly prized American Red Snapper: On Friday's 39 hour trip Captain Bryon and the guys and gals of the Florida Fisherman ll stuffed the Florida's huge boxes. Can the boxes be 'stuffed' in July? Well! We are absolutely fished-out tired... Back at the dock: Check out Tammy's on the water trip video: https://youtu.be/JzgX8svF6no Be sure to 'catch' the story soon to come, in the hunting section, of my latest hog hunting adventure. This monster charged me with intent to do serious bodily harm. Huge Mistake... HUGE!
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  11. We heard about the majestic Arctic Grayling late last fall and we've been itching to target them...We finally did recently and had some GREAT SUCCESS!! Threw a wide variety of stuff with no action (for the graylings at least), we landed a big brown, some Colorado River Cutthroat, and a handful of white suckers too. We switched to the 2" Micro Minnow Tadpole pattern and they went nuts for it!! Most hits couldn't have been more then 20 yards off of shore. We landed several trophy size ones (For the Colorado Region), 3 of which were 1/2" or less from a Master Angler Award! This species is so beautiful and that dorsal fin is incredible😍😍 Weather was very nice and sunny with only small spurts of wind! Drone shots came out great as everything is lush up there right now! Hoping next time we target them we have the same success! Hope you all enjoy!!
  12. Hubbard's 39 hour 6/26/20 trip Best way to tell that the fishing is sizzling HOT is by 'stuffing-the-boxes'! Last Tuesday's Florida Fisherman ll overnight trip to the Famous Florida Middle Grounds and beyond did just that: Friday 3:00 PM, can the Florida do it again? Let's go see: First up the elusive, hard to catch, great to eat, Mangrove Snapper. As usual, the girls lead the way: Looks like Captain Bryon has again put us on the fish: These Florida Middle Grounds Mangrove Snapper are HUGE! Talk about HUGE... Look at that Triggerfish: The catch is looking good. As we head for much deeper water it's going to look even better: Better as in the fish sandwich that helped make Florida famous, the Gag Grouper sandwich: Gaff him Will; that's a nice Gag: Craig is turning into a one man Gag machine: Absolutely... To talk about beautiful is to talk about Scamp Grouper: Tammy, we are starved. What's for lunch? The best burger ever... The famous Tam Burger That was absolutely fantastic. Now! Let's target one of the most sought-after beauties ever to swim, the full-of-color, beautiful, American Red Snapper: Tammy, that American Red is bigger than you: This is just one box of the Florida's three: We are going to need a BIGGER box: Late Saturday evening. We are fished-out tired: How about a snack before visiting our... Back at the dock: In the Money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10verFskgH0 Mystery fish:
  13. Looks like an outboard prop got it. Would hate to think someone slashed & dumped it. ☹️
  14. Nice size pic! Before my time....
  15. Middle Grounds and Beyond Private Charter For many of us fishing is a way of life. Never-the-less... Family Comes First! As the proud father of three daughters family is the most important thing in my life. Hubbard's dedication to family is simply outstanding. Fourth generation owner/operator, Captain Dylan Hubbard, is blessed to have a wondering, loving, wife, and a precious little boy: Our Captain for this very special private charter is not only one of the best Captains ever to set foot on a boat, but a dedicated family man. Captain Garett Hubbard: Will has been first mate on the Florida Fisherman ll for well over ten years. He, like Captain Garett, is as good as they come. Just mention daughter Madison's name and watch the stars light up in Will's eyes. Every year during American Red Snapper season Captain Calvin and friends travel from Miami to charter the Florida Fisherman ll. Wonderful people! Let's go put a real Southern' hurtin' on some American Reds. On this trip we will be fishing the Florida Middle Grounds and beyond. The BIGGER American Reds and Gag Grouper have been really HOT in depths 200 feet and deeper; well within the range of the Florida on these 39 hour trips. Behind the camera will be fellow Florida native Mr. John Martin: These dolphin watchers are in for a real treat. The playful dolphins love to put on a show for us: Close, but no gold: The weather is Picture Florida Perfect: Trolling is so much fun; you never know what you are going to catch: The Gag Grouper Bite is HOT on the Grounds now, but nothing compared to what it will be as the weather cools. And the best part, the season is open for the remainder of the year: The American Red Snapper bite is strong, very strong: Captain Calvin shows us how it's done: The Florida has completely limited-out on Red Snapper (2 day limit). Let's go home! Captain Calvin shares anchor duty: Always a welcome sight: This is a trip to be remembered: Old and new friends on the water; it just does not get any better than this: Or does it? As John Martin would say, "no trip is complete until we have said good-by to the lovely ladies of Hubbard's Marina:" Thank you John for all you do for so many: Come next Friday John will be sharing the adventure with us. Most of the above pictures were pulled from the following video. See how many you can spot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9s8vzV8b6w0
  16. Luke, If you have an special deals for the members of The Online Fisherman community, post it!, People are trying to come out, and trips to get some meat and learn are a Great thing!!
  17. I think fishing charter services actually help one feel and get the best experience as much as possible.There is always a need to look for more and more such like these. Stpeteprivate Charter Boat www.offshorehustler.com
  18. To continue: We all ask questions before choosing what to cast (lures) and what gear to cast them with. Once a question is answered - that's it! We can be confident the information is valid for future use. example: I modify soft plastic and hard lures, test them and note how well they did (above photo examples). Body and tail combinations are key for these lures to catch fish. Memory won't cut it a year from now as to which excelled. example: questions need answers before fishing a water such as how early in the season can numbers of fish be caught? What type of lures worked in this lake or river? Species of fish caught? Structure types (humps, drops, depth of flats, pre and post spawn areas )? That's not to say things don't change, but that many things don't change and can be relied on to find and catch fish. The older I get the less I can count on memory to remember all of the key information that may save the day. I've seen many anglers skunked that have fished the same water before, not having a clue that where they're fishing and how fished is going to end up fishless or with few strikes. Not me !
  19. In the lakes I fish that have northern pike and/or pickerel, one of my best lures is a large willow leaf spinnerbait - sometimes tandem sometimes just one. Skirt color is bright: chartreuse or white, soft plastic trailers optional. A Zara Spook has gotten big fish early or late in the day and on cloudy days. Large 4" Crocodile Spoons with their erratic action and flash have done well along with large soft plastics such as large swimbaits and plastic worms with wide action tails. Never been too keen catching pike due to the row of sharp teeth, a pain - literally - when unhooking a lure that got hooked deep. One hell of a fight no argument there !
  20. pjtaft

    Old Rod

    I have a rod, Marking is Master Power series. Model 4200 8', had it for a while. Windings are old cracking, I am looking for opinions on the rod if you have any, and if it's worthwhile to try and have redone or just garbage at this point?
  21. Key words are in bold. As I get older (wait a minute - I AM OLDER !), memory inevitably fails even for those with good memories! Used to use a written log that I could refer to long before the advent of the computer and digital camera. But once both became available there was no longer the necessity to write stuff down such as was kept on this page in 1994: I fish different water different times of year. Keeping them straight is a challenge - even more so now. But one thing I find very valuable is knowing what I've caught fish with. A few years from now I may question whether certain lures still in my box are capable of catching fish more often than others of the same type . A photo log says it all. Now I'm no longer entering information in a book but instead take along a digital camera. A picture speaks a thousand words is the reason for photo keeping. Photos are entered into digital folders starting with a folder labeled with the lake's name. Each folder within is dated for the day the shots were taken and holds photographs that can be referred to the next time the water is fished. Even a counter is photographed at the end of the outing to give an idea of numbers caught on a particular day/month : Much is lure related: (All the above were taken on the same day.) I my case a big part of fishing is lure design. Once I find particular designs that catch fish, I know to stock them for reproduction for future use. You would be shocked by all the soft plastic designs that catch different fish species and sizes of fish - almost none sold anywhere. To remember them requires a photo journal and at times a text page is added that includes more information than photos alone. If all you do is simply go fishing and don't vary waters or lures, record keeping isn't for you. Even with photos I don't remember catching fish on certain lures pictured, but at least I can trust that they did and can.
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