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    New to the game

    Hello everyone, As the title says, i'm pretty much new to all of this. I know to learn more about fishing, I have to keep practicing and dive straight into it. However, I do enjoy blogs and other websites that are educational so I wanted to turn to you guys for advice. What are the best blogs for tips and current events/news that I can subscribe to? Thanks for your help!
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    New to the game

    Depends on what you fish for. And you're right, the more you fish the more you learn - especially when it comes to lures. There is a lot of misinformation (BS) and to find out what is or isn't, you have to fish as much as you can and in different waters if possible. Fishing from a boat is a lot different than fishing from shore as far as accessing fish locations near or far from shore. Electronics (sonar) is a tool many don't use that should. Understanding why different lures work that catch fish is as important as where you cast them - and in case you're wondering - it isn't because fish think they are some prey animal. This wacky rigged stick is an example.