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  1. Read the post about the Seminars at Fishing Outfitters. You want to meet Captain Dave but you especially want to meet Vance Tice and his partner Captain Charley. They are about to get a reef permit so you can learn everything from catching grouper in skinny water to fishing the rock ledges. They specialize in educational trips where they are more interested in teaching than they are in hauling fish from the bottom - although they sure do a lot of that. You will learn more from spending one day with Vance tice than you'll learn even from people like me or Captain Dave. And between us (we believe) we know more than any living men. It's not true, but we love to live in a state of bliss. And welcome to a very cool - very very cool - community. There is a lot more here than fish - but they're in abundance. poyssick
  2. I fish with Vance and Captain Charley a lot and Captain David is legendary for good reason. This seminar will be informative and a lot of fun. They are all great speakers and know our community very well.
  3. What a very cool report. I only fished for Walleye when I was really young and once on a trip to northern Canada. There were actually bears around the camp site!!! And thanks for the image!
  4. Godspeed Terry. I remember talking together about fishing in heaven. How it would suck if the fish did nothing but bite all day; that after a few days you would realize you were in hell May the fishing never get boring, and may your family find comfort in the time you gave us all. http://www.tampabay.com/news/obituaries/times-outdoors-editor-terry-tomalin-dies-after-heart-attack/2278148
  5. Some of the top players are numbers off eighty years offshore. It is amazing.
  6. Captain!!! Thanks for the post. A few of us have been off the grid but it is great to have you here. We love getting information from other states. My name is Gary but they call me Genghis for short.
  7. There are a lot of nice people here that do not see the world through dark glasses. Welcome to the site. There are year of content here about how to fish, when to fish, where to fish, and even people to go fishing with. A lot of people have met each other here and I would not count anything our or judge things. People are great at talking negative shit while doing very little for anybody but themselves. That is cool, but only for a select few I guess. Talk here. You will find people with faces and real names talking back. Gary
  8. That place has some history. I want to go too.
  9. Mike, give this to Matthew so we can run it as a story. Very good stuff.
  10. This will come together nicely Do not tell NOAA. OK? Please do not tell NOAA. Even if we are not gonna kill a fish, there is somebody with some title somewhere at NOAA that will not like us even telling you HOW to kill a fish when the DO let us kill fish.
  11. Why am I not surprised you do outstanding work?
  12. There are stories about that place going back five decades. It's WAY out of the way. You go in by private plane.
  13. Beautiful. I really have to come out with you guys one of these days. I'll clean fish.
  14. Behavior like that is either sick fish or fish that cannot breath. No doubt. Something that might have done is is the water getting really warm really fast, but even with the shifts in temps of late the weather has been more than normal. Interesting. No report of fish kills in the area? They may just have felt safe around you guys
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