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  1. I personally like the Albright it's one of the smallest and strongest knots for line to leader connection. I determine the amount of leader I'm using for the type of fishing situation I'm in or the target fish I'm fishing for. But for general rule of thumb for artificials I like to use about 3' to 4' leader. For live bait I like to use 6' to 8' of leader.
  2. capt mike

    Sunday 4/13

    For the big dogs I use a 12wt. For the cobia I still use an 9wt unless they an absolute monster.
  3. capt mike

    Sunday 4/13

    Awesome job on the micro poons brotha!
  4. Sweet looking fly! I can see a poon getting all over that
  5. Good Thread Phil Here Is A Fish I Got The Other Night On fly.
  6. Capt Kyle Kelso with AllwaterCharters is another good one!
  7. Congrats on the snook! Looks like a borski slider or a qwan awesome Flys some of my favorites.
  8. Thank you for all the kind words Michael it means a lot! The pleasure was all mine that day. It was awesome seeing your family all enjoying the day and willing to stop and learn more about how we where catching the fish than just wanting to throw baits in the water. Those are the trips I really enjoy and look forward to! Here are a few pics from the awesome day we had on the water.
  9. Unless you are catching bonefish, tarpon, permit drag is not a important factor. Unless you are catching 30" fish you are hardly ever going to see the backing. Honestly if it's sealed or not not a big deal unless you plan on dunking your real for a cool photo. For our fish around here its just a fly line holder.
  10. Awesome job! It was a tough day for us. We found all sorts of fish but they were just being very spooky. We hooked one trout all day it was a big girl my guess between the 22"-25" range but just pulled the hook. So we came up with a big fat goose egg lol.
  11. For my self on the beach fish I like to throw an Olive and white EP or Polar Fiber Minnow.Also an Olive and white or an All white deceiver is another great fly. For the approach use a fairly long Fluorocarbon leader like up to 14'.
  12. Grey Beard The rate I charge to go out on a clients boat is $250 for the day.
  13. capt mike


    :worthy: :worthy: I'm ready to make a Louisiana trip :worthy: :worthy:
  14. Tmurr56 I am a big fan of the Cortland line. Their tropic plus line and crystal series is some awesome stuff.
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